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          Your business is important and I treat it that way!  I want to be your IT solution, not just today, but for the future and wherever your business may take you. 


What makes us different?

I Specialize in Small Businesses running Microsoft Server Operating Systems.

I listen you you!  By really understanding your problem or needs, can the right solution be found and implemented in the most efficient way and at the most reasonable cost. There are a lot of IT people out there and some are truly exceptional, but you want the BEST person for the job: Someone who is Certified and Experienced.  You don't want someone "learning on your dime", or hazarding your irreplaceable data.  I am a  IT Small Business Specialist and here to help protect and grow your Small Business here in Southwest Florida.

You don't want to discover that the person building your servers or in charge of your network migration was working on a help desk six months or year ago and has no real practical experience, training or certifications. I have seen many individuals with little knowledge and experience working on home PC's and then, "Hang out a Shingle", after just a short time and start a Computer Business. Their server, network or virtualization experience is more than likely, "Trial by Fire", on someone else's misfortune and checkbook. I have cleaned up many of those messes and missteps. 

You don't want to implement the wrong solution, only to find out a short time later that your business philosophy or growth was not taken into consideration, thus leaving you facing more costly repairs or upgrades.  When you have a problem, you want the person handling it to, "Fix it Right the First Time"! 

My pledge is to provide you with an affordable, competitive price for whatever your needs are. 


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